Impressionist! Portrait Artists Promotion

An impressionistic portrait is realized with more or less rapid traces, with a touch more artistic than realistic portrait.

Order a portrait

To make a portrait, simply:
1. Send us a picture to your email address [javascript protected email address]
2. Indicate the medium: charcoal, pastel? Acrylic or oil on canvas
3. Indicate the technique: Impressionist or realistic
4. Indicate the size: 40x50cm or 50x65cm (Prices do not vary with the size)
5. Indicate also your complet address to send you the portrait by posts.

Aafter analysing your picture, we will send you an email confirmation with the price and all details to place your order.
You will have to make an advance payment of 50% of the total amount stated.

Next we'll start the portrait who will be completed within the specified time frame.
Once completed, we send you an email with the scanned image of the portrait.
Next, you must pay the remaining amount (50%). We will proceed to sending your articles "by post", soon as the bank transaction will be completed.

Michael Wautier

Michael is Belgian artist Pastels and practices Charcoal and Pastel Painting Art for more than 30 years. He learned in Paris the technique of street Art portrait, the well-known place Sacre-Coeur in Montmartre. Later he studied the technique of Soft and thus he specialized in painting figures human like Bust and realistic portrait.
For years, Michael traveled throughout Europe, mainly in Italy, France and Spain, always practicing the Art of Portrait.
Today, Michael lives in Portugal now for over fifteen years and continues to exercise the art of painting as a painting teacher in his Workshop and in summer, near the sunny beaches of the Atlantic.


Commissioning a custom charcoal and Pastel portrait is a truly elegant way to capture your memories. Art portraits are unique and personalized gifts that last throughout the years.
Michael specializes in charcoal and pastel pencil portraits of adults, children, families and pets, working only from photos.